Seminar – Turning Meditation


Oct. 16th – 18th 2020

The seminar offers a practical introduction to the Mevlevi turning tradition, based on a specific way of breathing – the zikhr. For those already practicing, it is an opportunity to deepen their experience.

Maria-Gabriele Wosien, Munich, leads the seminar. She learned the turning meditation in 1965, and has since then been in contact with members of the Mevlevi tradition, whose origin goes back to the Sufi mystic Jelaleddin Rumi.

If  the entry regulations during the Corona Pandemic will allow it, the Mevlevi Sheik Dino Alloni from the Nazaré Mevlevihane (Brazil) will be present. In this case a Mukabele (turning ritual) will take place after the seminar.

more Informations
(they will be adapted to the current regulations in October, the Illahi singing with the group Hosh Neva unfortunately has to be cancelled)